• Jennifer Wales

    Founder / Chief Marketing Officer
    Wales Communications was founded on the excitement of delivering results. We love partnering with unique businesses (from all industries). From content creation to experiential marketing, Wales Communications is the go-to for your brand’s storytelling.  Former OC Weekly Marketing Director and food photographer, Jennifer Wales and her team have years of experience working within local and national newspapers.  Jennifer Wales ran 6 large tasting events for OC’s alternative weekly including OC Decadence and OC Weekly Fresh Toast.  At these events she managed everything from permit gathering, AutoCAD and mapping as well as the marketing campaign and logistics.  The Wales Communications team has now happily shifted focus to partner with larger event focused organizations, restaurants, and 501c3 operations!  Our deep knowledge in the social space continues to keep our clients on trend.  We are creatives and your advertising campaign, social media strategy and special events are our passion. We look forward to working with you!
    **Photographer CREDIT: Michelle Chan Photography, Jennifer Wales, Aurora Vilchis & Kelin Victoria

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